Afro dance is a style that originated in Africa as you can tell from its name. However it has many other names which is often referred to the same dance genre such as Afrobeats, African Dance or Afro House Dance. The difference is the music style they are danced to.

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Check out this video of Masaka Kids Africana. Today they are known around the world not just for their amazing dance moves, but also their original songs. You can download their music via links provided in the description of their videos and this way support them and other children in Uganda who have lost their parents.

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As I mentioned before Afro dance is an umbrella term describing a number of dance styles which are typically danced to modern African music. This usually includes a combination of percussive drum rhythms with vocals. The dance itself is characterized by cheerful, energetic, sometimes unexpected and strange looking moves and is danced today all over the world.

All dance genres are constantly progressing with new moves and techniques being invented every year. Afro dance is no different. It too has gone through many changes in its relatively short existence and continues to evolve and change as more and more dancers of different backgrounds and non-African cultures start to learn and practice it. So you never know when the next new trend may arrive!

The main reason why Afro-dance became so popular in the Western world is because it provides a fun alternative to traditional dances such as the waltz, tango or any other dance, since it’s so unusual. People who are bored can take up Afro dancing and not only have fun but also get some exercise at the same time, because it’s very energy consuming. It is also somewhat suitable for people of any age making it great for everyone!

If you’d like to learn Afro Dance be sure to check out your local dance studio and sign up for a beginner’s class. But if you’re looking for something more flexible, you can always go online and learn it from the comfort of your home.

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