The joy is absolutely infectious in this video by Hector and Mariam showing off some amazing Afro dance moves on a sunny beach. What’s immediately obvious when watching these two dance is just how fun and energetic Afro dance really is.

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Afro dance, or Afro-fusion dance, stems from the traditional ritual dances from West African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana, with influences from the African diaspora, such as hip-hop and street dance. Afro dances are varied and are often performed to Afrobeats music. Afro dance really is unique in the way that it connects traditional West African dance to more contemporary dance forms.

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Because of its versatility, Afro dance can often be hard to define, but it tends to have characteristic body isolation and articulation movements. While it can be performed as a couple’s dance, as Hector and Mariam are showcasing in the video, it is often performed solo or as a group. When it is performed as a couple’s dance, it isn’t in the close lead-and-follow way that other dance forms are performed. Instead, both dance partners perform the same moves next to each other for the most part, although there can be some elements of them dancing while touching as well.

What really sets Afro dance apart from other forms of dance is its freestyle elements. It really is a dance style where the individual can shine, expressing their own creativity and emotion through their play on the music and the dance. Afro dance, then, isn’t solely about technical skill and ability. Instead, it is about the energy that you can bring to the dance. When you watch the video, you can see how this improvisation can really allow each dancer to show off their ability. And Hector and Mariam both definitely have some amazing skills to show off!

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