We have all seen a lot of flashmob videos at this point, some good some, well not so good. The very best flashmobs have a few hallmarks that really set them apart from the rest. They elicit genuine surprise in their audience and they also create a lot of joy.

YouTube video

A flashmob should have you smiling without meaning to and this fun and energetic flashmob on a beach ticks all of those boxes. So we know that flashmobs make the audience happy, but what about the people taking part? Are there any hidden benefits to being in a flashmob? Let’s take a look.

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Why you should join a flashmob

If you’re learning to dance then joining a flashmob can seem like quite a daunting experience. And in a lot of ways it is, but sometimes doing something that’s just a little bit scary can have all sorts of benefits.

1) Get confident with performing

If you suffer from stage fright or you’re just not sure how well you’ll be able to deal with getting up on a stage and performing, a flashmob can be a great way to throw you in the deep end and see how you get on. In some ways, it can be a little more nerve-wracking than a stage performance because of the surprise element, but in other ways, it really does take the pressure off. It’s only for a single song, the people watching aren’t going to care at all about mistakes because they’ll be too busy taking in the spectacle, and it is a lot more informal than a normal stage performance.

2) Learn to work as a team with other dancers

If you’re used to dancing on your own or with a partner, or even if you have already taken part in group choreography, there is something special about doing a flashmob that can benefit dancers of all backgrounds. Because of the way that flashmobs are performed, you are going to need to be able to work extremely well as a team. You will all be coming in at different times and from different places while still keeping your performance seamless.

You can see in today’s video just what a challenge it must have been to bring this flashmob together. But so worth it!

3) Spread the word

If you’re passionate about your particular dance school or style of dance then posting a flashmob video online can be a great way of showcasing how amazing it is to the wider world. People are often unaware of all the different types of dance available and a simple flashmob video can show them exactly what it’s all about. And it can be amazing advertising for your dance school so they can get more people involved.

The bottom line

If you’re lacking performance confidence, want to learn how to work better as a team with your fellow dancers, or want to spread the word about your dance school/dance style, then you should definitely get involved in a flashmob if you ever get the chance. Or take this as inspiration to organize your own. You won’t regret it!

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