Going to dance classes – is finding your moment of happiness, disconnecting from your routine and enjoying your passion. Dancing is also one of the activities that allows you to release stress. Therefore, it is vitally important to know how to choose good dancing shoes to feel comfortable. So the short answer to today’s questions is – yes, dancing shoes are comfortable unless you simply chose the wrong ones.

It is a mistake to use street shoes for dancing, since they lack the necessary characteristics and could cause damage the ankles, knees, joints, ties and menisci, get caught on the ground, and make you lose your balance or even fall.

Such risks disappear with dancing shoes since they weigh little, are comfortable and adapt to the foot.

Are dancing shoes comfortable

What should you take into account when choosing shoes for dancing?

#1 They must be well-made

This is kind of obvious, but bear in mind that they have to endure many hours of dancing. So make sure that all the stitching lines are intact and that the manufacturer provides some kind of warranty.

#2 High quality materials

Avoid plastic. They are cheaper, but they crack very quickly; besides, your foot will sweat a lot and they will end up getting a bad smell. The best choice is leather ones, as they are more resistant, withstand better use with minimal care and will last you for years.

Suede is also a good material, but they last a little less, because it gives itself more easily and can become eroded and lose color.

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#3 Are they comfortable enough

The width of the shoe is important, so make sure they are neither too narrow nor too wide. Keep in mind that they may give way with use. They must feel good, so see if they don’t harm you anywhere on the foot, toes or heels.

Choose shoes with a padded toe area, this will offer you greater dance comfort and will prevent feet from getting too tired.

#4 They must fit perfectly

As we mentioned previously, it is important when choosing the shoe to measure both the length and the width. Also take into account how your instep is, the shape of toes, if you have any type of condition like injuries, bunions, etc.

#5 What is the right type of heel

For girls, selecting both the height and the shape of the heel will depend on whether you are just starting to dance, whether you have been dancing for several years, or whether you are used to wearing heels.

Bright pink dancing dancing shoes with high heels on the front and a girl dancing in the background

The first recommendation is to start with a low, medium-thick heel, perhaps 2in (5cm) high or lower, depending on your needs.

It will depend on the preferences if you have been dancing for a while and know exactly what you want, since heel’s height can go up to 4 inches. Keep in mind however that very high heels tire the feet a lot faster.

For boys, the shoe must be closed and tailored to the foot. The heel of dancing shoes can be between 0.7 and 1.5 inches.

#6 Design and Look

In design and exterior finish, there are countless models. The choice will depend on personal taste. The finish can be matte, glossy, patent leather, glitter, combining different satin, tulle, or suede materials.

The design for women can be very diverse, such as strappy sandals, with or without an open heel, usually with an ankle strap.

Bottom line

The quality of footwear is essential. All the seams of good dancing shoes, ballroom shoes, latin dance shoes must be resistant and all pieces reinforced.

This ensures that your footwear absorbs all the impacts and blows without breaking them, while maintaining the comfort and flexibility of movement.

The main characteristic of good dancing shoes is that they must be comfortable. In case of being uncomfortable, they force the dancer to make an extra effort to maintain the posture and balance while making turns or during quick movements. Due to these efforts feet, legs, joints, ligaments and menisci are deformed and suffer.

It is essential for dancers to feel comfortable when dancing so that they could concentrate on the performance and technique rather than on their shoes. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a product of excellent quality. Your feet will surely thank you for that!

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