Hi all! We have got quite the video for you today! Not only does it show off a beautiful bachata routine from the one and only Ataca and La Alemana, but the mountain setting is simply stunning. This routine really does showcase bachata’s unique mix of upbeat and romantic.

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If you have spent any time in the world of bachata, or salsa for that matter, you will probably have heard of Ataca and La Alemana. They are a powerhouse dance partnership in the bachata world and they even run their own dance academy, Island Touch Dance Academy, where they teach bachata and salsa and run workshops around the world.

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The two came to bachata along quite different routes. La Alemana (real name Tanja Kensinger) is a classically trained dancer in a range of dance styles, including ballet, tap, ballroom, jazz, swing, and a variety of Latin styles. She arrived in Florida in 1996 via a military deployment.

Ataca (real name Jorge Burgos), on the other hand, wasn’t originally a dancer. Hailing from Puerto Rico, he emigrated to the USA to study and gained a baseball scholarship. But baseball was not meant to be. He was exposed to salsa on a night out and instantly fell in love. And after he graduated, he decided to pursue a dance career. From salsa, he discovered bachata, met La Alemana, and the rest is history. The two have been teaching and performing together since 2008, where their debut bachata routine to Xtreme went absolutely viral on YouTube!

There is such a lot of variety in the way that bachata can be performed, and Ataca and La Alemana really stand out through their skill in using that variety to create performances that are truly unique. In fact, they even have a name for their particular bachata style – touch bachata.

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