You must have heard of the Jerusalema challenge by now and, if you haven’t, that’s an impressive level of avoiding social media fads! It all started when a group from Angola posted a video of themselves dancing to the song Jerusalema, by South African producer Master KG and sung by Nomcebo, without dropping any of the plates that they were eating from. By all accounts, it was a completely candid video but it caught people’s attention.

YouTube video

Since then, the dance challenge has gone absolutely viral. It has been picked up worldwide, and the song has hit number 1 in a whole host of countries and got into the top 10 in even more. People all over the world have taken on the dance challenge, and the results have been a lot of fun. The song is sung in Zulu, which isn’t a language that people in many of the countries that have got involved speak. This makes the whole thing even more impressive because it really does show that music and dance are a truly universal language.

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The video here is Austrian Airline’s contribution and they’ve posted it as a way of celebrating people soon being able to travel with them again. All of the flight crew involved did a brilliant job doing the dance on the tarmac and plane interior, with an extra Austrian flavor thrown it at the end for good measure.

If you want to take part and do your own Jerusalema challenge, it’s super easy to do. All you have to do is get a group of your friends together and learn the moves. There are tutorials you can watch online that will help take you through them. Then set a camera up, give it a go, and post your attempt with the hashtag #jerusalemachallenge. And who knows, you could be the next ones to go viral!

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