Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in all the technicalities of dance and forget why we dance in the first place – for fun! If you’re feeling like that, you need to watch this video. It features the powerhouse Bachata couple Ataca and La Alemana, just dancing by a swimming pool. In their sliders, no less.

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Watching them dance, you almost get the feeling that they really are just enjoying themselves on a beautiful sunny day by the pool. Ataca and La Alemana are one of the biggest Bachata dance couples around and they are building themselves an empire out there. With their Island Touch dance studio, workshops, and competitions they are carving out a real legacy for themselves. You can now even buy dance sneakers designed by Ataca himself with pivots in the ball and heel to help you dance to perfection.

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But when you strip all of that away, Ataca and La Alemana are successful because they are just so good at what they do. And there is no better way of demonstrating that you are a master of your craft than by performing it absolutely effortlessly. And that’s what this video really shows. Bachata as it is danced by the people who enjoy it. Bachata as a fun thing you can do as a couple.

Learning how to dance can be a journey with ups and downs. But remembering that you are learning to dance so that you can enjoy it, and so that you can have the chance to, yes, dance by the pool in your sliders, as well as performing, or teaching, or achieving your weight-loss/fitness goals, is so important. As they say, life is short, and dance can add so much fun and joy to your life if you let it. So let it!

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