A lovely seaside setting and bachata lady style. What could be better?! Valeriia Nenakhova is absolutely nailing the Sara Panero choreography in this video. The choreography is so fun and Valeriia is such a great bachata lady style performer.

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Sara Panero is known as the “queen of lady styling”, so you know that any dance choreographed by her is going to be perfection. She has a strong foundation in ballet, contemporary, modern, Latin rhythms, and hip-hop, and she brings this discipline to her bachata, salsa, and kizomba. She has come first place in international bachata and salsa competitions and she is an accomplished choreographer, teacher, and performer.

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Bachata lady style can be danced on your own, as Valeriia is doing here, or you can dance it as part of a lady styling team. These teams are a lot of fun to be involved with because you are all learning, training, and performing together. There are lots of chances to compete as part of a lady styling team if that’s the sort of direction you are hoping to go in. But, of course, you can learn bachata lady style just for fun as well.

Learning lady styling is a great way of boosting your confidence, not only in your bachata skills but also in yourself. Lady styling is all about performance and selling the moves, as well as interpreting the music to get your emotional body and facial expressions right. When you nail your first lady style choreography, you will feel like a superstar. There is no greater feeling than channelling the bold, sexy, and confident moves that you get in bachata lady style.

Not only that, but the moves that you learn in bachata lady style will also improve your bachata partner dancing. You will blow them all away at any socials you attend!

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