Elza Khamatullina has done a lot for promoting bachata lady style and, as you can see in this video, she really does show just how stunning this style of bachata can be. She choreographs bachata lady style dances to bachata remixes of popular songs, which really helps to propel the dance style into the public consciousness. As a two-time winner of the Russian Bachata All-Stars, she is definitely one to watch.

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It is pretty unusual to see bachata lady style danced in such a big group, but what this really shows is how amazing bachata lady style can look when so many people are dancing in sync. When bachata is danced as a couple, there is a very defined lead-and-follow relationship between the two dancers. Both get a chance to shine, of course, but you are watching both sets of movements at the same time.

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With lady styling, and especially when you see the dance done by so many people at once, you are able to focus solely on the lady style movements, which can give you a better insight into how it’s done.

At a bachata lady style class, you will learn a core set of moves that are important for this style of dance. These can include body isolation movements, how to dance bachata steps, body coordination, how to spin, arm movements, how to interpret the music, and much more. Even if you have danced bachata as a couple dance in the past, taking some bachata lady style classes can do wonders for your confidence in dancing bachata. It really is a completely different experience to dance alone facing the audience than it is to dance in close contact with a partner. It could also give you all sorts of ideas and inspiration to bring to your bachata couple’s dance.

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