Here we have Anna Belykh showing us some smooth bachata lady style choreography to Una Vuelta. Anna is a bachata dancer and choreographer from Russia who performs both bachata lady style and bachata partner dancing, with her dance partner Dimitri. Her choreography is always modern, fresh, and fun, and the ladies she dances with are always fantastic.

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Are you thinking of taking up bachata lady style yourself? The answer to this should always be “yes”! Bachata lady style is such a great way to boost your confidence and it is a lot of fun. Even better, if you also dance bachata as a partner dance, bachata lady style can help you with that too.

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Partner bachata and bachata lady style share all the same fundamentals and everything you learn in bachata lady style can be transferred over to your moves in a bachata couple dance. So what will you learn in a bachata lady style class?

Bachata lady style will teach you both the basics of bachata dancing as a follow but also sorts of extra moves that can really take your bachata dancing up to the next levels. Not only that, but it will also leave you with so much self-confidence. Dancing without a partner can be nerve-wracking because there is nowhere to hide but once you master it, you will feel on top of the world.

Some of the techniques you can learn:

  • Basic bachata moves (three-step followed by a tap of the hip on the fourth beat)
  • Body isolation movements, including body rolls and torso movements
  • Arm movements, including finger positioning
  • Spinning
  • Footwork
  • How to interpret music

You should wear breathable comfortable clothing, such as the clothes you would wear to yoga class. Some studios have rules about the type of footwear that is allowed. And don’t forget your water. Bachata can be great fun but also a lot of work!

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