There is no denying at this point that social media has changed the world and one of the most impactful ways that it has done so is through influencers. Influencers are people on social media who can influence their followers to buy certain products or services. And more and more people are realizing that the power of social media influencing can help to promote their own business or passion, including dancers.

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Janis and Zoe are a Bachata dance couple who have mastered the art of curating their social media, which is evident in their 323k Instagram followers and 661k Facebook followers. And they have a lot of dance skills to show off as you can see in today’s video.

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One of the biggest draws of social media is that it is interactive. Unlike mainstream media, you can have a personal relationship with your favourite social media influencers. The dance community is a close one and a good dance influencer will put time and effort into replying to their followers’ comments and creating a real relationship with them.

Mastering hashtags

Hashtags have always been one of the most important features of social media and, in particular, Instagram. Using the right hashtags can make a dance influencer’s visible to everyone who would be interested in it and there are lots of active and popular dance hashtags available.

Mastering stories

Stories are a relatively new feature of a lot of social media platforms and they can be a wonderful way of giving your followers a true insight into your day-to-life in a fun and vibrant way. And dance is the perfect skill to show off via dynamic stories.

Curating a brand

Social media is a very visual medium and the best dance influencers put thought and effort into the aesthetics of their brand so that their followers understand exactly who they are as soon as they click on their profile.

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