For today’s dance video, we have a beach side Kizomba routine performed by Ben and Ana. The couple is performing the traditional, partner-based form of the dance that focuses on close contact and interesting footwork to keep the viewers from looking away.

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Kizomba is an African style of dance that can be as sensual or romantic as the dance partners want it to be. In this video, we see the couple focusing more on creating a romantic feeling. While the focus of the dance is on the hip movements, the viewers get an overall feeling of synchronicity rather than anything sexually-charged.

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Kizomba dance routines largely focus on footwork and the hip movements of the dancers. To accent the dance, we can see Ben lifting or spinning Ana. This is fairly common in the Kizomba style and can be seen in several different dance routines. This adds that little bit of visual flair that maks the style even more irresistible.

Kizomba has become a popular alternative to ballroom dancing since it’s a close-contact style of dance. Its basic steps are also pretty easy to pick up, making it a great beginner dance. Because of its popularity, it’s pretty common to find ballroom dance studios that offer Kizomba dance classes.

If you’re interested in learning this style of dance, it’s always worth checking it out to see if you like it. Taking a class would be a great option if you’re looking to not only learn the basic steps but also become a good Kizomba dancer.

Part of what makes this style so visually enchanting is how the dancers move with the music. When choreographing a routine, Kizomba dancers put a lot of importance on the music. Unlike other dances where the music is almost a part of the background, Kizomba dancers really feel the music. That’s a talent that a dancer really has to learn to succeed in this dance style.

But don’t let that discourage you. Dance classes are there to help you not only learn a dance routine but to become a better dancer. With some practice, you can become a great Kizomba dancer. One of the great things about dance classes is that you’re also able to learn in a fun environment. When in a room with other people of a similar skill level, you can make friends and bond over the struggles you’re having as a dancer. And that’s honestly one of the best parts about learning how to dance.

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