As a nation, we love to dance, and as you’re visiting a dance-focused website, we imagine you’re one of those passionate dancers. A survey in 2021 shows some of the most popular dances in the UK were street dance, ballet, ballroom, salsa, and line dancing. Partner dancing has also risen in popularity over the last decade, with more men joining dance classes for the social side and improving their fitness. In 2022 there will be approximately 10,400 choreographers and dancers working in the UK in private dance studios, theatres, stage shows, nightclubs, and holiday camps. This does not include many who take small local dance classes such as ballroom, country dancing, and salsa.

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Check out this dance workout video from Marlon Alves for example. No matter what your age, shape, or size, dance is an excellent way to keep fit and active. It makes you feel happy and invigorated, which gives you a better mental attitude. While you are strutting your stuff, the whole body is moving whether it’s a fast, lindy hop, or a slow waltz, you will be burning calories in this part of your weight control journey. Many good lifestyle programmes focused on weight loss encourage finding something physical to do that you enjoy so that your journey is more palatable and something you engage with, which makes dancing perfect for keeping yourself in shape.

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However, there are multiple dance types great for including as part of a robust weight loss journey. We will look at three of the best ones that will keep you engaged and fighting the flab!


This is a dance that combines aerobics with dance moves to a background of exhilarating up-tempo music; a typical Zumba class will include moves from the merengue, salsa, samba, and hip-hop, to name a few. The high-intensity movements will stimulate your heart, lower your blood sugar, and melt belly fat quicker, helping you shift pounds. There are different Zumba formats, and it is essential to get the correct one to burn more calories and reap extra benefits to your health so try experimenting to see which suit you; Zumba aqua, fitness, toning, or classic are just a few you could try.

Free Style

Freestyle is just as it sounds, pop the music on and do whatever moves you want; it’s so easy you can dance whenever the music grabs you. It is very popular worldwide; being so diverse, you can run, spin, twist, use lots of movement or sway along to the beat. Because there are no steps or sequences, and you move when you want, it is a great help with weight control, especially if you are not inclined to go to the gym or find it difficult to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle, as performing freestyle can burn 180 calories in half an hour. You don’t need any equipment or dancewear. All you want is music; the key is to use as much of the body as possible. Dancing at home in your living room frees you of inhibitions and allows you to do as you please, which leaves you feeling positive.

Ballroom Dancing

There are many types of ballroom dancing; most are with a partner making it a very social form of exercise. It has increased in popularity over the years due to TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing. A slow waltz may not use as much energy as a quick step, but both will improve your agility and posture; the cha-cha, samba, and swing dances will quicken your heartbeat and get your blood pumping faster, increasing the number of calories you burn. A partner dance will increase your muscle strength as you must anticipate and coordinate your moves which is good for keeping your mind alert and active. The social side of ballroom dancing increases the serotonin hormone, which helps to regulate your appetite, sleep pattern and mood.

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