If you have been in the bachata world for any length of time, the chances are that you have heard the names, Magda and Valeria. If you haven’t, take a peek at this video of the couple dancing in front of Buckingham Palace so you can get a flavor of what they’re all about. So why have these two taken the bachata world by storm? Let’s take a look.

YouTube video

Who are Magda and Valeria?

Put simply, Magda and Valeria are superstars of the bachata world. They are one of the big power couples that are dancing today. And, yes, they are officially a couple. You might see Magda and Valeria on their Instagram page, which has 151 thousand followers, or you might have come across them at a congress or festival anywhere in the world.

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What makes Magda and Valeria unique is their mission to deconstruct the gender norms of bachata. They are a same-gender couple who are showing the world that it doesn’t have to be the case that men lead and women follow. In their words, they see dance as a “genderless art of expression”.

If you are ever lucky enough to attend a Magda and Valeria workshop or their classes, you can expect to be taught how to be self-confident and find your styling on the dance floor. Their dancing and teaching are all about empowerment and that empowerment can make anyone a better dancer.

What type of bachata do Magda and Valeria dance?

From the original bachata dance, a wide variety of different styles of bachata have been born. They each have their own signature moves and feeling so can give a very different experience from each other.

Magda and Valeria dance bachata moderna. This style of bachata differs from traditional/Dominican bachata in a few different ways. It has the same basic steps as traditional bachata but bachata moderna is fused with other styles of dance to add new elements to the dance style. There are influences from salsa, ballroom, tango, zouk-lambada, and even contemporary and dancehall.

Compared to traditional bachata, bachata moderna has more intricate footwork and exaggerated styling. This can help dancers to break out and be more expressive and interpretative with their dancing. It still retains the basics of traditional bachata, however, so if you give bachata moderna a try you won’t be losing your bachata training in the process.

You can see in Magda and Valeria’s dancing how fun and expressive their bachata moderna really is, and they really showcase what can be done with this style of bachata.

The bottom line

Magda and Valeria are one of a kind in the bachata world and are a true trailblazing couple. All bachata dancers can be inspired by how they are approaching bachata. You might even be inspired to give leading a try if you normally follow and vice versa. In any case, you can be sure that you will be hearing a lot more from this powerhouse bachata couple as they continue to dominate the bachata world.

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