Today’s video features the Dance Nomads dancing the Bachata to Kevin Cosmos’ “Calma”, made for DancAmore on the beach of Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Watch how light, fun, and easy the Dance Nomads couple do it, even as you can tell from their precise moves that they are well-trained dancers.

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Originating from the Dominican Republic, the Bachata dance sequence is in 8 full counts, within a square. Later Western innovations turned it into a simpler style, dancing the full 8-count sequence but with side-to-side motions while keeping the upper bodies loose.

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The basic dance sequence involves rhythmically rotating your hips around the spine (or doing the Cuban hip motion), then tapping, then a popping hip movement on the 4th beat. So, you move to the side on each beat of the first 3 beats, then pop your hip on the 4th beat. Then you move similarly again in the opposite direction. All throughout, you keep your body moving and your hips swaying naturally to the beat of the music and the rhythm of the dance.

Once you have mastered these, you can then incorporate moves from other dances like ballroom and salsa, with your personal flair to it. Watch how the Dance Nomads are able to do this smoothly.

Bachata is essentially a lovers’ dance, as a way for lovers to express their feelings to each other through their movements in the dance. It was believed that the more often and smoothly the lovers/dancers move their hips, the more feelings they have for each other.

Watch how the Dance Nomads dance the Bachata on the beach. What do you think about how they’re expressing themselves through the dance? Don’t they convey a sense of fun and easiness to the dance, reminding you of the early phases of a budding romance, or the kiss-and-make-up part after a lovers’ quarrel?

The main characteristics of this dance style are a close connection with your partner, soft hip movements, and a tap with a small hip pop on the 4th beat. What makes it special is that it’s so easy to learn, compared to other Latin dance styles like the tango. Ready to learn the Bachata? Find a dance class near you here.

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