Dancing is a fun and creative physical activity that many people enjoy. It’s a part of human culture and a lot of people dance to perform their rituals and celebrate different occasions. Even during this modern time, people dance because it’s still one of the most popular activities and it’s a form of self-expression.

Dancing as a Workout

So, can dancing be a workout?

Yes, a dance routine can be a workout. If you want to dance in order to stay fit, it can be a fun way to lose some unwanted weight. You don’t have to bore yourself with the usual exercises anymore. Various dance classes are available in gyms to provide diverse physical activities that a person can do. This will make your workout routine even more enjoyable.

Some types of dancing like Zumba and Salsa can certainly replace a regular workout routine since they are amazingly efficient at burning calories. It’s a physical activity that will make you sweat. The best part is that you’re going to have fun while you dance compared to simply running on a treadmill. There are also a lot of health benefits dancing can provide if you choose to dance regularly.

Health Benefits of Dancing

1. Total Body Workout

You may not even notice it, but doing some dance moves is an excellent way to burn calories. If you have a 30-minute dance class, you can burn anywhere between 130 – 250 calories. It’s the same amount of calories that you burn by jogging.

Dancing can also burn unwanted fat, so by choosing this form of physical activity you can easily maintain a healthy weight. You can sign up for any dance class if you don’t know where to start.

2. Makes Your Heart and Lungs Healthier

It’s a cardiovascular exercise so it will make your heart and lungs a lot healthier. You can help these vital organs just by dancing alone.

It’s a great exercise even for people who have health conditions, though you should consult your doctor first, just in case. That’s why you can see a lot of seniors doing Zumba, Bachata, Tango or other types of dances. It improves individual’s overall health and helps the blood pressure to stay normal.

3. Improves Muscle Endurance

If you haven’t been working out for some time, you can start dancing. It will help you boost your muscle endurance. Dance class is a fun activity and you will easily notice how rapidly it improves your motor fitness.

It will also help you tone your muscles. Depending on the type of dance you’re planning to do, you will be able to build more muscle power. Of course you may feel tired at first, but in a good and pleasant way. However with time you’ll be getting better and better at it gaining more and more strength each time.

4. It Makes Your Bones Stronger

If you dance, it will reduce the risk of osteoporosis because dancing actually makes your bones stronger. However make sure that all the movements are not too intense and difficult for you. This will largely depend on the type of dance you choose. So by choosing the right one you can target your core and other parts of your body when needed. If you have a certain medical condition, please consult with your doctor first.

5. Good for Your Mental Health

Any physical activity helps your body release endorphins which are the happy hormones. But dancing can provide a lot more than that because when you dance you have lots of fun and it makes it even more exciting. This way it improves your mental health and helps you avoid depression.

A smiling African American woman dancing in the dance studio and having fun

If you dance regularly, you’re doing your mental health a favor. Learning new dance moves will give you a sense of accomplishment. When you do group classes, it positively affects your social interactions with others outside the dance studio as well.


Dancing can be your workout routine if you’re having a hard time sticking to healthy habits. When you dance regularly, it also makes you happier. It can increase your confidence levels and improve your social life. Therefore, it’s not just a great form of exercise, but also a great way to maintain general health and well-being.

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