Can dancing help lose belly fat? The answer is a big yes! Dancing can help you lose belly fat faster than doing crunches on a daily basis. If you hate the thought of doing sit-ups, abdominals, or planks every day for a flat stomach, then dancing for belly fat is ideal for you.

It is a fun and enjoyable way to make sure not only will you get a flatter tummy, but also a full-body workout where many of your muscle groups are exercised at the same time. You can take dance classes at a studio or dance your way to a flatter tummy at home with free online videos or paid online classes.

So how does dancing help you lose belly fat? Do all kinds of dances give you the same benefits? What kind of dance should you do? Here is a short guide to understanding how dancing can help you lose belly fat.

Dance Burns Fat

Dancing is one of the most effective ways your body burns fat tissues. The combination of cardio-respiratory benefits, as well as toning the muscles, improved flexibility, and overall endurance benefits of dance help you lose weight by burning fat.

With movements, you get to burn calories that create very fat tissues on your belly. And dance being a whole-body workout, you get to burn fat in all areas of the body – which includes your abdominal area.

While other aerobic exercises such as running and jogging are more popular ways of reducing belly fat through burning of calories, these activities can be boring and taxing. You run for miles and feel exhausted afterwards. Dance is deemed as more enjoyable as you move to the beat of the music and learn a thing or two about movements. And best of all, you won’t notice how exhausted you are until after the activity.

Dance Promotes Spinal Alignment

One of the ways dancing promotes a flatter tummy is by supporting spinal alignment. This occurs when movements elongate the torso, creating an illusion of long lines with the limbs and body. Upper body movements extend the lower back and lift the rib cage from the hips, lengthening the abdomen area, and therefore, providing you with a longer-looking torso.

Dancing can also promote better posture through spinal alignment. One reason for a bulging belly may be due to poor posture. Through repetitive movements, you can train your upper body to have better posture, which can create the appearance of a flatter tummy.

Best Dance Types for Belly Fat

While all kinds of dances work the different muscle groups of your body, certain dance types target your abdominal muscles more than others.

Here are 6 of the best dance types for belly fat:


This low-impact dance strengthens the core, lengthens the abdomen, and tones the muscles. By improving your flexibility and balance, your core muscles are targeted, helping you lose stomach fat, while also toning your abdominal muscles.

2.Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing targets your back, abs, and legs. It also promotes proper spinal alignment since a lot of the movements will make you move backwards, strengthening your back and forcing your core to contract its muscles for balance and support. It is one of the most effective exercises to trim the midsection by burning calories and stored fat tissues.

3.Latin Dances

Latin dances such as the Cha-Cha, the Rumba, Salsa, and Reggaeton are ideal for burning fat in the belly area. These types of dances involve fast movements and quick footwork, helping you burn calories faster, especially in the stomach area.

A great cardio workout, salsa also challenges different muscle groups, focuses on stability and posture, which further works the core muscles.

4.Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is an exotic and graceful form of dance that uses the muscles of the abdomen and hips to create sensual movements. It tones the abs effectively and works out your entire core. It also moves the hips, chest, shoulders, back, and arms. With only 10 minutes of belly dancing per day, you can tone and sculpt your abs with ease.


Zumba is a choreographed aerobic exercise that takes inspiration from Latin dances, as well as other international dances. It is energetic, lively, and helps to burn excess calories stored in your tummy area. You can burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories for a 60-minute Zumba session.

6.Hip Hop Dancing

Dancing to the beat of hip hop music doesn’t take much effort. The beats and lyrics will keep you on your toes, as you hop, break, do quick turns, and executive the quick movements associated with hip hop dancing. With more movements on the hips and torso, this type of dance is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, as well as reduce your waistline.

The Bottom Line

Dancing is a great form of exercise that burns calories and fat tissues fast. Certain types of dances that involve a lot of movement on the hips, core muscles, and back promote the fastest and most effective belly-reducing exercises for a flatter tummy. Pair with a low-calorie diet and a smaller belly is achievable with these types of dances.

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