How mesmerising is this dance?! There is just something about bachata lady style in groups like this that make it impossible to stop watching. Elza Khamatullina’s choreography is always so precise and beautiful. And these ladies are bringing the attitude to bachata lady styling, that’s for sure.

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Attitude and performance are definitely important elements of bachata dancing. You have to be able to sell the story, sell the movements, and sell your confidence if you want your dance to look the best it can. Of course, technical ability is important as well.

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And this video is a good example of that. For this sort of routine to work, all of the dancers need to be in perfect sync otherwise it will look messy. But without that certain attitude, the whole dance can fall flat.

Bachata dance is intimately connected to bachata music, and this is where a lot of the attitude comes in. Bachata music is quite similar in flavour to American blues music. The songs are all about losing love and misfortune and it comes from people who were deprived. The music would be played in 4/4 time, with a lead guitar, rhythmic guitar, electric bass, bongos, and gúira. And it was to this music that bachata dance was developed.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of artists that are playing around with bachata music, and even modifying hit songs into bachata style and beats so that people can dance bachata to them. And the dance style is evolving too, as you can see in this video. This lady style routine, the outfits, and the styling is pretty different to the way bachata was originally danced. But that’s the great thing about creative outlets like music and dance. They are fluid and ever-changing. New generations have the ability to make their own creative marks, which keeps the whole thing fresh and exciting.

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