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    We are one of the most recognized and prestigious dance companies all over the world. Our awarded team of professional dancers and instructors teach in dynamic group classes a wide range of popular rhythms including: Tango, Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, Belly Dance, Hip-Hop and Flamenco.
    We also offer a more personalized learning, throughout our private lessons where individuals and couples are encouraged to reach senior and master dance skills. Don’t miss this great opportunity to enter our dance school and be part of our family!

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    Address: Knowledge village, Block 12, Office G04
    United Arab Emirates
    Time: 12 pm till 9 pm every day except Friday
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    1 Review on “bnf dance academy”

    1. Tanyta Col bnf dance academy
      Overall Rating:

      I don’t know about their dance school but this guys create the best dance events I have ever been to. Great job!

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