Lia Kim is an amazing girl when it comes to cool dance videos and choreography in general. Today’s video in not an exception. It is amazingly cool and very simple in a good way. I totally enjoy all of her videos and I will definitely be looking forward for the new ones to share with you. Take some dance classes near you and see if you can learn to dance some hip hop just like her!

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By the way, if you would like to learn to dance just like that, we recommend taking some dance classes in your local studio. It’s a healthy activity and a really fun way of making new friends while staying in shape. Our website can help you find the best dance locations and events near you in just a few clicks. If you are a studio owner or event manager, you are more than welcome to register and add your venue to our directory, so that more people could discover it.

Dancing can be beneficial for your body, your emotional health, it can improve your social life and it can do lots of other amazing things to you. It will drastically change your life for the better in many ways. It has changed ours and most likely will change yours if you give it a chance. Our promise is that you won’t be disappointed. Just give it a try and see for yourself how amazing it is.

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