I’m willing to bet you haven’t seen a dance video quite like this one before. There are lots of videos showcasing dance all over the internet, but Dancing in Malta Cliff Connection is more like a short film than the sort of dancing clip that you would normally expect. There’s clever editing, a gorgeous overhead shot of the cliffs, and dramatic music.

YouTube video

But there’s a good reason why the video is as polished as it is, and that’s because it’s made by a professional film company – Motus Film Studio. They make commercial films, as well as indie and wedding videos, and they pride themselves on being able to “use motion to create an emotional story”. Well, they’ve definitely lived up to their expectations here!

Of course, the stars of the film are the amazing dancers – Barbara Gambatesa and Antonio Russo. They are absolutely electric as a dance couple and the choreography is perfect for the setting and for the story that’s being told. And this video really does highlight just how good dancing is at telling a story. When you watch it, you are fully immersed in what’s happening, as well as emotionally invested, without a single word ever being spoken.

In many ways, dancing can be a form of acting. Different types of body movements, facial expressions, and interactions with your dance partner all come together for you to act out the story and become your character. The most obvious example of this would be ballet, where you can sit through an entire performance of a play and understand perfectly what’s happening. But ballet isn’t the only form of dance that has this power. As you can see in this video, any type of dance can be used to tell a story. And the results can be just beautiful!

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