I recently stumbled upon a dance video that caught my attention and was well worth sharing – it was a Kizomba dance performed by famous dancers Isabelle and Iron Mams. They were dancing at the Paris Kizomba Festival 2023 to the song “Baba” by Atim, take a look:

YouTube video

They are dancing right after teaching a workshop to their students. So this was a demonstration of the moves and figures they had taught earlier. A crowd had gathered around to watch them dance and many were filming the performance on their phones, which is the right thing to do if you want to remember all the implementations and variations of the figures in your improvisation.

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A few things to know about Kizomba dancing:

  • It’s a partner dance that originated from Angola. The name “Kizomba” means “party” in Kimbundu language.
  • It’s danced in a close embrace to slow, romantic music. Lots of hip motion and chemistry between partners.
  • You don’t need any prior dance experience to start learning. Beginners are welcome!
  • You also don’t need to bring a partner. Most studios have rotating partners so everyone can dance.

The two dancers in the video are big names in the Kizomba scene:

  • Isabelle is known for her amazing Urban Kiz lady styling skills – the feminine hip movements and body isolations to the Urban version of Kizomba dance.
  • Iron Mams, dancer and DJ, specializes in musicality and leading the lady creatively.
  • Both travel the world teaching this sensual, joyful dance.

Here’s an idea: why not sign up for Kizomba classes yourself? At local studios, you can safely learn partner dancing with others. All ages and fitness levels can enjoy moving to the music. Many skills like rhythm and coordination transfer between dances. And you never know if you’ll fall in love with it until you try!

Dancing feeds the soul. Watching this Kizomba video makes you want to experience the freedom of letting loose on the social dancefloor. What do you think? Would learning a fun partner dance like Kizomba interest you too? If you’ve never tried it, just google your nearest dance studio and signup for your trial class. See you on the dance floor.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends. Also, as online education getting more and more common these days, we’ve decided to launch a new online schools section. Consider checking it out if you’d like to learn to dance from the comfort of your home. Such online classes offer a convenient way to learn from world class teachers at an affordable price.