Here we have Elza Khamatullina with some gorgeous Bachata lady style choreography. Elza is a Bachata dancer and choreographer from Siberia, Russia. She has a whole host of Bachata awards under her belt. Most recently, she was the champion in the improvisation category in the Russia Bachata Stars in 2018. Now, she teaches and dances Bachata to her followers around the world.

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Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s. It’s actually a mix of different dance styles, such as the Merengue, the San Cubano, and the Bolero. Unlike some dance styles, the focus with Bachata is mainly on the hips. In Bachata, you need to isolate the upper body from the lower body so that the hips can move on their own.

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When Bachata become popular and spread around the world, some of the original steps were lost in translation. Originally, Bachata was danced in a square but when it started being danced outside of the Dominican Republic, people started dancing it going side-to-side. This latter form is, a little confusingly, called Traditional Bachata, while the original form of the dance is called Original Bachata.

With both types, the basics are the same, though. You move side to side, or in a square, on the beats of 1,2,3 and 5,6,7 and you tap on the beats 4 and 8. Your hip movements aren’t really a deliberate hip movement but they are a result of you pressing your foot into the ground while straightening your knee.

Of course, the original dance and most of the styles that have grown from it are danced in a couple, but lady style has become really popular in recent years. It gives female Bachata dancers a chance to show off everything they can do to all new types of music. And dancers like Elza are really showing how creative and sophisticated Bachata lady style can be.

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