The #freebritney movement has reached a fever pitch over the last few weeks, with Britney herself giving her testimony about the alleged abuses and restrictions she has suffered under her current conservatorship managed by her dad, Jamie.

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While #freebritney has been bubbling away underneath the surface for a long time, with dedicated fans believing that she was no longer in control of her Instagram and was essentially being held prisoner, the testimony Britney gave in her own words has pushed many people who didn’t previously know how bad the situation was to come out in support. No one yet knows what the outcome of the court case will be, but there is hope around the world that Britney will finally be allowed to live her life in freedom again.


Britney is, and was, a pioneer in pop music and in dance. Jojo Gomez created the Britney-inspired choreography you see in this video in support of Brtiney and as a way of getting the word out about the #freebritney movement. It also gives all of the dancers featured in the video the chance to show their dedication and support to one of the idols of the modern dance world. Each dancer uses the same core choreography and, of course, gets the opportunity to put their own spin on it. It is well worth watching the entire 12 minutes if you have the time!

If you want to take part in this movement yourself, Jojo has provided an online tutorial that you can access here. So you can learn the moves yourself, on your own or with a friend, and then you could even post your effort online with the hashtag #freebritney so show the movement and Britney herself your support in her quest for freedom. And if you include the hashtag #jojotv, you might also get featured on Jojo’s page. As Britney herself said, “Don’t care what people think and just go for it”!

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