Gatica Brodin and Melvin Beltran are a world-renowned bachata dance couple. Here we have them dancing together at sunset on a beach. They aren’t strictly dancing bachata, but rather a bachata-inspired style. They are both well known for their innovation and creativity, and they’ve really taken it up a notch here!

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Bachata is a fun dance style to play around with because it fits in well with the movements from other dance styles, such as hip hop, contemporary, salsa, and more. There have been lots of arguments out there about whether bachata merged with other dance styles should really be called bachata, but bachata influenced as we have here side-steps that whole debate quite nicely.

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But really, you can see the spirit of bachata in this dance. The bachata feeling and emotion are there, but with some really fun and interesting other body movements thrown in. And it works! Not only does it work, but it looks cool. Which is actually pretty important. There has been a big push to try and get younger dancers into couple dances because they are dropping in popularity. And seeing couples dancing done in a way that looks cool could be just the thing to help drive the new influx of younger couple dancers.

Both Gatica and Melvin are well-versed in other dance styles, which is why they are able to mix them up like this. For Gatica, this includes ballet, jazz, street, and hip-hop, and for Melvin, salsa, kizomba, and tango. And this really highlights why it can be such a good idea to learn a variety of dance styles, especially for younger dancers. Having a solid base and understanding of a few different styles can set you up to not only be more well-rounded but also gives you the knowledge to be able to riff of the styles when you want to have some fun. And the dance in this video really does look like a lot of fun!

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