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Fraules Team is probably the best twerk team in the world. Their dance videos are incredibly hot and they are shot in a very beautiful way. They mix booty dance, dancehall, reggaeton and other styles. They don’t make you feel dirty after watching them dance. Instead they get you excited and leave you wanting for more. This is why we decided to make a list of the hottest and sexiest twerking videos released by this incredibly talented group of dancers. If you want to learn to move just like them, then find the nearest twerking dance class in your city and start dancing today!

1. Hypnotizing Cool Back Twerking Video

This one was published on YouTube in December 2015. Since then it got almost 20 Million views! In my humble opinion those girls are genius when it comes to mixing the art of dancing and the art of being sexy at the same time.

Enjoy this twerking video from the Fraules Center and a song named “Cool Back” from Kid Ink.

2. The Sexiest Fraules Video Ever

Actually, this choreography cannot be entirely called a twerk routine. It’s a mixture of sensual and provoking moves, which have potential to make gay guys straight. If you are girl, well, hold on! Because by the end of this clip you’ll feel something you might’ve never felt before. Yes, it is actually that hot!

Music by Jacquees “Feel it”

3. Fun and Super Sexy White Girl Twerk

I have no idea what was happening behind the scenes, but this video is ridiculously fun and sexy at the same time. Usually I don’t like long intros for such content, well you know… I prefer getting straight to twerking business, but this one was actually helping you immerse into those country-side circumstances.

4. Classical Booty Dance Choreo

This video was published in 2013 and since them it got a little more than 6 million views, which is not that big of a number. But taking into consideration that it is a classical booty dance performed by one of the best teams in the world – the number should’ve been bigger. Music by FM$ “New Boyz”

5. Twerk Beginner Level Choreography with an Epic Ending

In this video you will see how beginner dancers having only 8 hours of classes can move their bodies to the beats of “Get Real Nasty”. This is a very hot choreo that will inspire a lot of booty dance newbies. In the beginning Fraules and her pro team members show they way this routine is supposed to look. After that their newly born booty shakers do the same routine. Of course you can see that they are just starting and there is not a lot synchronicity in their movements, but it looks great anyways. This video was release in 2015 and got over 5 million views since then.

P.S. Watch all the way till the end – you will love it!

6. Another Sexy Mixed Routine

I’m personally not a big fan of pure twerking. This is why I like so much mixed styles routines. All the moves have to be balanced. They have to seduce you and this is where Fraules dancers are the best. Music: “Na Na” by Trey Songz.

7. Most Popular Fraules Dance Video

As I have mentioned in the beginning of this article Fruales Girl likes to mix different styles. In her choreography dancehall is closely connected with twerking and seamless transition between these genres makes it look special. This video proves that by being the most popular one they have ever published on YouTube. By the time I’ve been writing this post it had almost 159 Million views. Music: “Watch out for this” by Major Lazer

Obviously this is not the end and I will be adding more awesome videos from this incredible team. To be continued… 🙂

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