If you’re looking for a sensual dance that is easy to learn, then Sensual Bachata may be a good option for you! It’s one of the easiest social dance styles out there to learn the basics. Although you’ll still have to work hard on your technique to make it great!

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Check out this video of Gero and Migle for example. Reaching this level of skill takes years of practice and dedication! It may look somewhat easy for some of you, but it’s only because they make it look easy. They put in hours and hours of practice every week just to become that good!

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Many don’t realize it, yet it’s not a choreographed routine, but rather an improvisation. Yes, it’s based on a set of well-rehearsed moves and combinations, but it’s still pretty much improvised on the go. To master it and achieve the level of skill that they have, you would have to train diligently and have the passion and motivation to work hard to master this dance style.

The whole movement of social dancing is based on improvisation. The only choreographed dances you may see are the ones on the stage of some festival or show. Other than that, the social dancing you’ll see at the clubs, workshops and so on is improvised on the spot. It’s all about listening to music, feeling your partner and leading or responding appropriately to their lead.

So does it all mean that Sensual Bachata is difficult to learn?

Not at all, as I said right in the beginning it’s one of the easiest dances out there. To start dancing Bachata, do the basic moves and even improvise a little people need on average 6-8 lessons. After that’s over they just need to practice often and consistently with good guidance to ensure that they keep learning new moves and grow their dance vocabulary.

So it all depends on the level of skill you plan to achieve. In any case, even if you just started to learn how to dance you can still have a great time on the dance floor and look quite good. Just get out there and have fun! Start with small goals and then build from there. The more you train the better your moves will be and the more you will be able to express yourself through dancing.

Personally, I love to dance Bachata and mainly Sensual Bachata, because it’s such a pleasant dance and is so easy to enjoy. It’s a dance in which people of all ages can participate and lately, it became so popular that it makes it even harder not to start dancing it as well. So I encourage you to check out your nearest dance studio and see if they teach Bachata. If they do, then why not give it a try? It’s such a joy to dance and you can meet new people in the process so there’s really nothing to lose.

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