Salsa dancing is one of the most popular partner dances to learn. It is fast-paced, set to lively fun music, and is very social. And it can look really impressive. But does that mean that it is difficult to learn? Surprisingly, no. The way that salsa is structured makes it relatively easy for a beginner to pick up quite quickly, and then after that, all you need to do is keep practicing.

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Check out this video of Daniel Rosas showcasing his student, Ramona Meier, and how much she has been able to learn in three months. It may take you a little longer to get to this exact stage with group lessons rather than the private lessons that she had, but it is definitely achievable to get good at salsa quite quickly!

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Cuban salsa for example in some parts of the world is the most common salsa for people to learn, and there are six basic steps (learn them here!):

  • The Cuban basic step
  • Dile que no (translated to “tell him no”)
  • Enchufla
  • The cubanito
  • 70 en la salsa
  • Croqueta complicada

After you have mastered the basic steps you can start building them together to create patterns. This is when the dance as a whole starts to come together and you can really get into a rhythm. Then you will be at a stage where you can start adding in some more complicated moves.

So the nature of the way salsa is structured and the small number of basic steps means that beginners can go from the stage of learning the basics to being able to dance a full routine quite quickly. Of course, truly mastering salsa still takes years of practice, but if you’re looking to have some fun and be able to get on the dance floor at a social, it really should only take you a few months to get to that stage.

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