A bride’s surprise wedding dance is the ultimate opportunity to let loose and have a little fun on her big day. It’s a chance to show off her personality, break the mold, and surprise guests with something unexpected. But before you bust out your best stripper moves, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your dance is both entertaining and appropriate for the occasion. Check out this video as an example or to get some inspiration:

YouTube video

First things first, it’s important to remember that a wedding is a family-friendly event, so leave the dirty dancing for your honeymoon. Instead, opt for choreography that is playful, and fun but still tasteful. A good rule of thumb is to keep the dance on par with the level of intimacy you would feel comfortable displaying in front of your grandparents or other older relatives. Avoid overtly sexual gestures such as grinding your hips against your partner or making contact below the waist.

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When it comes to song selection, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sure, a slow ballad may be traditional, but an upbeat, energetic song may be sometimes a better choice to set the tone for the show. Plus, it’ll get your guests on their feet and ready to party. Just make sure that the lyrics of the song are appropriate and not offensive or vulgar.

To add an element of surprise and excitement to your dance, consider incorporating a special costume or prop that aligns with the theme of the wedding. For example, if it has a beach theme, you could wear a flowy, tropical-inspired dress and incorporate beach balls or umbrellas into the routine. If your wedding has a classic, vintage theme, you could wear a 1920s-inspired flapper dress and incorporate a classic Charleston dance move into the choreography, and so on.

Another way to make your dance more interactive and fun is to bring in a group of friends or family members to join in. This can be a great way to involve your guests in the celebration and make the performance more of a party. It will also help add more variety to the choreography itself and create memorable moments.

When it comes to specific moves, there are a few that can add a touch of sexiness to the dance without going over the top. A slow spin or dip can be a romantic and elegant way to end the dance. You can also incorporate subtle hip movements or footwork into the choreography to add a touch of sensuality.

Overall, a bride’s surprise wedding dance should be a reflection of her personality and the couple’s relationship. It should be entertaining, playful, and appropriate for the occasion. By keeping in mind the audience and the overall tone of the wedding, the bride can create a dance that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone. But most importantly, remember that this is her day and she should have fun with it!

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