Flash mobs are fun and entertaining and they can brighten everybody’s day. They are also a great chance for you and your dance group to showcase your skills to a wider audience. Take a look at this video of a Kizomba flash mob in Mexico and you can see that they are taking this opportunity with both hands to show the world just how good they are.

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1) Choose a time and location

The best locations for flash mobs are in high traffic areas where you can expect a lot of people to be walking around or hanging out. After all, there’s not really any point in performing a flash mob to no one at all. Research your location beforehand so you will have a good idea of how many people tend to be there and at what time of the day it is at its busiest.

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2) Practice the moves

It is absolutely key when doing a flash mob that the moves you are your group perform are performed perfectly. You will lose the audience and their wonder if you perform sloppily or people forget their moves. So make sure that you practice as much as possible before the big day. In the video, you can see that they have done exactly that and it is all the more exciting because they are moving perfectly in sync.

3) Make sure it is filmed

Yes, we all know that social media has its downfalls, but if you are performing a flash mob you are going to want to be able to put it out there so as many people as possible can view it. Make sure that is filmed from a location where you can get a good shot so that it looks amazing when you upload the video. And then just sit back and wait for those likes to come in!

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