Getting yourself out on the dancefloor in a nightclub can be a daunting experience if you don’t have a dance background. With that being said, you genuinely don’t need to be an expert dancer to impress out there. Becoming competent in certain dance styles is all you need to have the confidence to start dancing and the skills to keep your dance partners around. Bachata is a great example of a dance style that will help you in any nightclub. Check out this video for some fun and impressive sensual bachata dancing.

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If you would love to look like that when you’re out, get yourself to a bachata dance class! Dancing in a nightclub is very different from a dance performance or even a specific dance social club. While impressive solo dancing and tricks will always catch people’s eyes, the goal of dancing in a nightclub isn’t really to stand in the center of the room on your own while people stand and watch. Instead, the goal is to connect with your dance partner.

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Bachata can help you to learn how to lead. Leading a partner is a skill that takes practice. You need to be able to communicate with them without using words and help them to feel as though you are a safe guide to the dance. If you don’t know how to lead, you can definitely end up having some awkward encounters where neither partner really knows where the dance is going. You don’t have to be an expert dancer to seriously impress with your leading skills, because a lot of people have none at all, so as soon as you take a few classes you can get to work practicing when you’re out for the evening.

If you are hoping to follow, bachata can teach you those skills too. It will help you to understand where your partner is trying to go with the dance so that you know how to respond in kind, and even help to guide the dance to the next step. You and your partner will both have more fun once you’re on the same page with your dance.

Another skill that bachata can teach you is how to move your body sensually without overstepping boundaries or coming across as sleazy. Sensual bachata shows you how to dance in an attractive way without encroaching on your partner’s personal space too much and it shows you where to place your hands and hold your body in a way that will keep your partner comfortable.

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