For today’s video, we have a beautiful example of the ways dance can be used to tell a story. Quang Đg & Hoàng Y, perform this routine to ‘Give Me a Reason’ by Pink. The narrative appears to be that of a couple going through the ups and downs of the relationship. At times, they’re in sync with each other, moving with fluidity and grace, but at others, one of them needs the support of the other, or they begin fighting.

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Through the course of the routine, everything seems to be going well for the couple; they’re dancing together in harmony, supporting each other as they accomplish complicated moves. But then, the cracks in the relationship begin to show. Hoàng Y attempts to get away from her boyfriend, but he keeps pursuing her, eventually being there when she needs support.

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There’s then a quick solo for each of the dancers, possibly symbolizing the couple understanding that they need to give the other space to be their own person.

Despite this, there are still cracks in the relationship. Y is still not feeling satisfied and attempts to break away. The repetition of the dance moves, while they were ‘fighting’, suggests that the fundamental issue between the two wasn’t completely addressed. As the routine goes on, we begin to see their fights become more frequent, suggesting that the relationship is reaching its breaking point.

Finally, Y begins to walk away from her boyfriend but pauses. She can’t bring herself to actually leave him, whether that’s because she loves him or she simply doesn’t want to hurt him. She helps him up and the couple makes up one last time, hugging. It’s up to the audience to determine whether or not their relationship will last through future arguments or fights.

This routine is an excellent example of dance’s narrative ability. While many casual observers believe dance to simply be the act of moving your body to some music, Lyly Tran (the choreographer) has shown us how much emotion can be packed into a performance. The viewer can easily pinpoint the highs and lows of the relationship and even when it’s about to break off completely.

A thorough analysis of the interactions of the dancers reveals a complex relationship underneath. There’s a lot of tension between both people in this relationship and there isn’t an easy fix. It’s going to require the effort of both people to reach its full potential.

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