Jes and Jenny’s bachata dance videos are always so beautifully shot and their choreography is always precise, dramatic, and gorgeous. And it’s no wonder since they are both such accomplished bachata dancers. Together they run their own dance school in Donostia San-Sebastian, Spain – Kandela Escuela de Baile (Kandela Dance School).

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They run workshops for couple’s bachata dancing, bachata lady style, and they have just started teaching lindy hop as well. They teach sensual bachata and bachata fusion, and they also put on regular social dances. If you’re thinking of learning bachata yourself, then you have every reason in the world.

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Not only is bachata a beautiful dance style, and not only is it great fun to do, but you can also get a whole range of benefits for your body and your mind.

1) Bachata tones your legs. Because bachata is mainly danced in the lower half of your body, you will get some amazing looking legs, waist, and glutes. And you won’t even notice that you’ve been working hard!

2) Bachata can help you to lose weight. Bachata is a high-energy dance. You are moving constantly and the movements are fast-paced. Because of this, it is great for burning calories, which can help you to lose weight.

3) Bachata strengthens your spine and joints. When you dance bachata, you will be building and strengthening the muscles and connective tissues that surround your spine and the rest of the joints in your lower body. The stronger these muscles and tissues are, the more your spines and joints are supported and the less likely you are to injure yourself.

4) Bachata can help improve your brain power. Bachata has a lot of steps and movements that you are going to need to learn, and this will help to improve your memory, attention, and decision-making skills.

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