Ok, you don’t have years to become a fully trained dancer between now and New Year’s Eve, but you still have time to learn a dance that will be a hit on the night. And a dance that’s easy to pick up and still looks great? Look no further than kizomba.

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So you can get an idea of what kizomba looks like, check out this New Year’s Eve choreography by Vika so you can see just how fun this dance can be. While it might look a little complicated at first, there is plenty of time between now and the holidays for you to get good enough to look pretty good dancing kizomba on the night.

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Why you should be learning Kizomba for NYE

So you’ve been invited to a bit NYE party but you can’t dance. No one wants to be the person on the sidelines watching everyone else enjoy themselves on the dance floor, but if you’re feeling too self-conscious to get stuck in, then you might be used to being stuck in this position. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s see why kizomba is such a great dance to get started with before the holidays.

1) It’s quick to pick up the basics

The key to kizomba is being in touch with the music. It is a romantic and emotional dance, especially when danced with a partner, and it looks good when you put a lot of musicality into your dancing. Even if you think you have no rhythm, almost everyone can hear and respond to the beat of the music with just a little bit of practice with listening.

And, better yet, kizomba is built in a way that even as a very beginner you can put together enough steps to make your dancing more than acceptable for the dance floor. There are only four to five basic steps and then you incorporate more as your step vocabulary grows. But even with those basic steps, you can pull off a full kizomba dance.

2) There are no real rules

With a lot of dance styles there are strict rules about step patterns and how the dance should be put together. This isn’t the case with kizomba. Once you know your steps, you can really put them together whichever way you want. So you won’t need to memorize a lot of complicated dance patterns to be able to get out there and dance.

3) You can dance with whoever you want

Kizomba has gained a bit of a reputation as being very sensual, but it doesn’t have to be. Traditionally, kizomba was a family dance where all generations danced together. You can make your hold with your partner as open or closed as you like, and you can even dance it on your own. If you do dance with a partner, there aren’t as strict lead-follow rules with kizomba as there are with other dance styles.

The bottom line

If this brief introduction to kizomba has piqued your interest, there should be plenty of classes available near you. And, if not, there are lots and lots of online video tutorials that are easy to follow and can help you pick up the basics. Happy dancing and a Happy New Year!

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