We are excited to share with you the video of Jojo and Macarena Paton’s couple dance in Dj Zay’X ya levis libala for the Kizomba Open Festival 2018. The video highlights how exceptional dance partners Jojo and Macarena are because they can make each movement look seductive and smooth in a way that does not cause anyone, including the audience, to feel awkward. As they go about the stage swinging their hips and embracing one another, their synergy is extraordinarily fluid, making every move appear to be a work of pure magic.

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The amount of time that Macarena and Jojo have spent practicing together as dance partners is evident by the fact that she is able to keep her smile intact even while being lifted and swung by Jojo.

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Throughout the entirety of their performance, neither their smile nor any other facial expressions indicate that they are doubting nor that they are afraid of making wrong steps or falling. It is evident that the two of them are having a good time, not only with the act of dancing itself but also with the experience of dancing in front of the crowd of people watching them.

The audience is able to have a good time because they can see the performers having a good time. It is a wonderful performance carried out by outstanding dancers with a high level of chemistry, and it flows without their having to put in excessive effort.

The couple dance is a kind of dance that may be incredibly stunning to see and can be an enriching experience for the dancers themselves. However, it’s is one of the more challenging types of dances. This is not because of the steps or the music the majority of the time; instead, it is difficult because it tests the dancers’ level of comfort, professionalism, and trust in one another.

Couple dance demands a strong chemistry between the dance partners in order to make it look pleasing to the eye and captivate the audience. Especially when it’s danced to sensual music, which requires a high level of comfort that the dancers have with each other because of the intimate dance moves, a lot of body parts touching, caressing, and intense eye contact to affect the audience. For dancers to acquire a high level of comfort with one another and to avoid giving the impression that they are awkward, it takes a great deal of experience, consistent practice, and participation in dance contests over a long period of time.

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