Kizomba is a music genre and an Angolan dance that has become very popular recently pretty much everywhere. There are a lot of articles written about its origin, but it’s not our main focus today. Instead, would like to talk about why people enjoy listening to it and dancing to it so much.

YouTube video

Check out this video of Sara Lopez improvising solo to a Kizomba song. This type of Kizomba is a recent trend and is called Kizomba Lady Style or Kizomba Femme. It’s basically the same Kizomba danced in a couple but without a male partner. However, both men and women love it and you can probably see why. Women love to dance it to show off their beautiful curves and men love to enjoy watching it for the same curvy reason.

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So why do people like kizomba?

Unique music and beat

Not only there is a strong sensual element in this dance, but the music itself is also very romantic and has a feel-good vibe to it. I personally love it precisely because of this very specific beat which is very unique and makes you recognize Kizomba music right away. It brings you to the feeling of falling in love and romance and makes you forget about the daily stress and problems.

Kizomba music also has a very modern sound which draws young people to it as well. All in all, it’s a wonderful combination of a relaxing vibe with a juicy beat that makes you want to move your body and follow the rhythm of the song no matter what you’re doing.

Visual aspect of the dance

As I’ve mentioned before, Kizomba is a very sensual dance for a reason. Our today’s video is the real proof of that. If you’ve watched it, you know what I’m talking about. The visual aspect of this dance is truly incredible and I think that’s the reason why many people enjoy watching Kizomba videos on YouTube and learn dancing it. It’s perfect to show off your body lines in a very graceful non-vulgar way.

The way women move their hips is simply captivating and it evokes a lot of emotions in everyone. You just can’t stop looking! I’m sure many of you have felt this after watching a Kizomba video once in your life. If you have experienced this feeling too, then you’re a true fan of this dance just like me.

Easy to pick up

Kizomba is a pretty easy dance to learn. Even if you’re a complete beginner at dancing, you shouldn’t have any problems picking up the basics in no time. But make sure you go to a class instead of trying to learn the moves on your own. It’s a couple dance, so you need a partner to practice it, otherwise, it would be very difficult to learn how to do it properly especially if you are the lead.

It’s a bit easier for women to follow rather than lead which is why there are so many women who are interested in learning this beautiful dance form. And this is probably why Kizomba Lady Style is becoming more and more popular every day. In any case, you will be able to learn to dance the basics and to improvise in just 1-2 months depending on how often you go to classes and practice on your own. So this is probably another reason behind its popularity – the fact that anybody can pick it up quickly and start enjoying it without spending years trying to master it.

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