We all know that we shouldn’t wear jeans to go to the gym, for a run, or hiking. So it might seem obvious that jeans aren’t the best choice for something physical like dance class. In fact, this isn’t always the case.

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Take this video of a group of women dancing kizomba, for example. They are all wearing tight-fitting jeans and it isn’t hindering them at all. In fact, there are some situations where wearing jeans can actually enhance your dancing.

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Should I wear jeans to dance class?

Of course, whether or not to wear jeans will always depend on the type of dance that you are planning on taking part in. Something like ballet, for example, really wouldn’t work with jeans. The same goes for other dance styles with a high level of body movement and flexibility such as contemporary, acro dance, and pole dance. And this is because wearing jeans will hinder how quickly you can move around the dance floor and with how flexible your body will be.

But flexibility and acrobatics aren’t necessary for all styles of dance and for these, jeans can be a great option for many people. Kizomba is a good example, but the same goes for other partner dances like salsa, bachata, as well as dance styles like line dancing. In all of these, you aren’t putting your body through the same types of movements as you would for ballet.

Instead, the focus is on clean lines and controlled movements and this is where jeans can put you at an advantage, and tight jeans in particular. The tightness of the material will enhance your lines and make your leg movements look even more graceful and controlled. For something like kizomba, this is key because of the focus on lower body precise movements.

The tightness of the material will also give you a greater body awareness over your legs. You can get the same effect by wearing tight leggings, fishnets, compression tights, etc. But tight jeans work great for this (and look good too). Because the material is constantly touching your legs, you will be more aware of every part of them and this makes it much easier for you to be able to control the precise leg movements that you need to make.

And, finally, wearing jeans can give you that extra little boost of confidence that can make all the difference to your dancing. Anyone who has found that perfect pair of jeans will know first hand just how much extra confidence they can give you. You might hold your head just a little bit higher, carry yourself with more poise, and push your styling that extra little step. All of these elements will help to bring your dancing to the next level.

The bottom line

If you do the type of dance that jeans will work for and you think they’ll be a good option for you, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear them to dance class. In fact, there can be all sorts of reasons why you should. If you’re still unsure, then getting in touch with your dance school to see if there’s a dress code can always help. Some places are definitely more strict about dress codes than others. But if you get the green light from them, then you can go right ahead!

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