Kizomba is known for its sensual hip movements and body waves that enchant viewers. However, many instructors and dancers overlook a key component – arm styling. While the hips may lead the dance, styling the arms is critical for taking kizomba to the next level. Take a look at this Urban Kiz lady styling workshop demo from Isabelle as an example, her use of arms and hands is just so natural and different:

YouTube video

When learning kizomba, most ladies focus intensely on hip circles, pops and locks, and other foundational movements. Arm styling is treated as an afterthought, if included at all. This leads to stiff, awkward dancing with the arms hanging limply at the sides. Dancers may execute hip techniques perfectly, but the dance looks incomplete.

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Integrating arm styling makes kizomba dancing more natural and graceful. The arms balance the body, enhancing fluidity between moves. Simple arm positions like placing one hand on the hip or raising an arm add expression. Dynamic arm waves and accents punctuate hits and pops. Arm movements should complement hipwork, not compete with it. When synchronized, the entire body flows effortlessly to the pulsating kizomba rhythm.

Here are three tips to incorporate arm styling:

  • Start with basic arm positions – Place one hand on your hip while styling with the other. Experiment holding your arm above your head, out to the side or across your body. Shift arms smoothly between moves.
  • Add accents – Punch a single arm out to accent a hip lock. Use both hands to frame a body roll. Try sweeping arm waves during circular hip motions.
  • Use contrabody – Style opposing arms and hips. As your hips circle right, sweep your left arm up. Opening possibilities for contrast and visual intrigue.

The basics of kizomba lady dancing – body waves, hip circles, locks and pops – lay the technical foundation. Arm styling builds upon that base to breathe artistry and life into the dance. As instructors demonstrate new hip techniques, they should incorporate complementary arm positions. This trains muscle memory for unified styling.

With focused arm techniques, kizomba ladies can captivate partners and audiences. The hips may drive the basics, but arm styling defines a mesmerizing dance. Train both in equal measure to fully embody kizomba’s smooth, sexy aesthetic. Let the arms float, wave and accent in harmony with hips that never lie.

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