Have you ever watched a couple move in perfect unison to the pulsing rhythms of kizomba music? Kizomba is an African partner dance that is quickly gaining popularity across the world. Why? Because kizomba just might be the ultimate foreplay you’ve been missing out on. You can have a look at the Kizomba King’s video below as a great example:

YouTube video

What Makes Kizomba So Sensual

Kizomba is often called a “hug dance” or a “sex with clothes on” due to its close body connection and fluid rhythmic movements. As partners sway and step to the beat, their bodies maintain full contact nearly the entire time. Hips, thighs and upper bodies move as one entity.

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This level of physical intimacy might create an undeniable sexual tension between dancers. The constant full-body touching keeps you highly aware of your partner. It’s like being wrapped in a never-ending embrace set to music.

Kizomba Builds Connection and Trust

Dancing kizomba also requires a great deal of connection and communication between partners. You must pay close attention to each other’s subtle body movements and signals. As one dancer shifts or turns, the other gracefully accommodates. It’s an intimate non-verbal dialogue expressed through the language of touch.

The longer you dance with someone, the more familiar you become with their style. An intuitive trust develops from moving as one unit to the hypnotic Afro-Latin rhythms. You give yourself fully to the dance, relying on your partner to guide you and match your movements.

Heightened Senses and Sexual Energy

This full-body connection and communication awakens all your senses. The constant skin contact ignites powerful chemical reactions. The potent cocktail of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin surging through your veins leaves you on an intoxicating high.

As this fiery sexual tension builds, even the slightest touch or look gains new meaning. A subtle caress of the arm becomes electric. Eye contact smoulders with desire. The very air between you seems alive with erotic promise. Dancing kizomba with your partner quite literally generates a hunger for sex.

The Ultimate Tease

Kizomba is sometimes called “vertical sex” because of its obvious sensuality. However, as sexually-charged as kizomba dancing is, it rarely progresses further in public venues. The dance itself is a prolonged public foreplay, stoking a fiery need that finds its ultimate release behind closed doors.

Dancing intimately without taking it to explicit levels is a torturous tease. Like waves relentlessly lapping the shore, kizomba’s fluid rhythms keep carrying you higher and higher without cresting over the peak. The longer you dance, the more turned on you get.

Yet kizomba offers no climax on the social dancefloor. So that pent up sexual tension continues mounting inside you with every song. Your body quite literally aches with carnal urgency by night’s end.

Of course, once you and your sexy dance partner retreat somewhere more private…that’s an entirely different horizontal tango.

So if you’re seeking a steamy way to spark new passion, look no further than kizomba dancing. It just might be the ultimate foreplay your sex life has been missing!

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