Luis and Andrea are known for being a fashionable couple on the bachata scene. As you can see from this video, they really do make it cool! But they are also known for their high level of technical skills, creativity, and high energy performances. Their style is sensual bachata, which is known for its whole body and body isolation movements, as well as being a gorgeous and dynamic bachata dance style.

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The other thing that Luis and Andrea are known for is their teaching skills. Good teaching skills are sometimes underrated. Being able to teach dance is a whole other skill than being able to dance well. With dance teaching, it’s not enough to just be an amazing dancer yourself. You have to be able to break concepts down into smaller pieces, keep your lessons interesting, have a good structure to your overall course, and be able to modify your teaching to your students’ varying needs and abilities.

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Luis and Andrea are skilled bachata teachers. So much so that they even have a course to teach people how to teach bachata, as well as instructing in bachata themselves. They themselves teach a full course for couples, but they also both individually teach their own courses. Luis teaches bachata man style and Andrea teaches bachata lady style. They were both accomplished dancers in their own rights before starting to dance as a couple back in 2015.

If you’re hoping to learn bachata yourself, you can expect to pick the basics up fairly quickly. There aren’t any complicated steps to learn at first, so you can look at least a little bit like you know what you’re doing fairly quickly. But, as with many similar skills, bachata is easy to learn but is hard to master. You will have plenty of opportunities to increase your skill set, add incredible new moves, and get to grips with performing. There is never a dull moment at a bachata dance class!

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