For today’s dance of the day, we have a classy Kizomba number to Me Coça by Twenty Fingers. The dancers, Marine and Mika move with such grace and expertise that the dance feels almost effortless. Little flourishes like Mika gliding across the floor wow the viewer while showing off the talent of the pair.

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Kizomba is a type of African dance that (while somewhat similar to ballroom dancing) focuses on moving with the music instead of repeating the same steps. We see this in Mika and Marine’s dance. They’re moving across the floor, but are using a lot of footwork with the occasional lifts to accentuate the performance.

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Leadership appears to switch occasionally between the two partners and in that we see their own talents flourish. Marine exerts excellent control while lifting his partner and Mika is an absolutely unforgettable force, moving with such grace that the audience is unable to look away.

Kizomba is heavily dependent on the interaction between the two partners and the attitude of the dance is dependent upon them. We see in this video with the hip sways and lifts and turns an intimate exchange between the two partners. There’s a chemistry between the two that we the audience get to enjoy as we watch them dance.

If you’re interested in learning the kizomba style of dance, check out your local dance schools or look for tutorials online and maybe even convince one of your friends or family members to learn the dance with you. Dancing is a fun hobby or sport that allows you to express yourself in new and exciting ways. There’s a low barrier to entry so you can start learning whether you’ve been dancing your whole life or if you’ve barely done much more than bounce along to some music.

There’s no wrong way to dance and if you just allow yourself to move with the music, you’ll find yourself gaining confidence that you never knew you had!

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