The first thing you’ll probably notice when you watch this video of Masaka Kids Africana dancing Love Generation is the unbridled joy that the kids bring to their dancing, as well as how amazingly talented they all are. And they absolutely are joyful and talented, but once you find out what the charity is all about, you discover just how inspirational these children also are.

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Masaka Kids Africana is a charity based in Uganda, Its mission is to provide orphaned, deprived, and destitute African children with food, shelter, education, healthcare, clothing, safe drinking water, and an education. There is a crisis happening with the children in Uganda right now.

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There have been years of drought that have devastated crops and left people with little access to drinking water, there are high levels of HIV/AIDS that have killed a large number of the young adult population, and civil war has resulted in even more deaths. Because of all of these factors, there are more orphans in Uganda than anywhere else in the world – 2.4 million – and 63% of Uganda’s children are living with people who aren’t their biological parents.

The dance troupe of Masaka Kids Africana use dance as a way of healing, of finding hope and joy, and of bringing inspiration to people around the world. These children have been through some of the worst experiences imaginable, but they absolutely shine through their dance. They are a testament to their own strength, to Masaka Kids Africana’s amazing work, and to the true power of dance.

If you feel inspired by the kids in this video, share it, show it to your friends, and spread the word. And if the video has made you want to do something to help support them, you can donate to Masaka Kids Africana or you can buy some of their merchandise. They also accept supplies and are always looking for local volunteers.

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