Online dance tutorials and demos have become a big thing recently, partly due to the pandemic and everyone needing to learn from home and partly because of the meteoric rise of TikTok dance trends. This video of a dance demo featuring Kizomba lady styling is a great example of the sorts of things you will find online right now.

YouTube video

Learning dance in any capacity is great for both your physical and your mental health and having these demos to hand (usually for free) is such a great opportunity to give dancing a try or to improve your dancing. But how do you get the most out of learning from a video? Let’s take a look.

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How to follow a dance demo

1) Control the speed

If the video you are watching doesn’t slow down the steps for you, you can always set your speed to play the video more slowly. Learning the steps slowly so that you can get the hang of them before speeding the dance up is a great way to get it perfect. The video featured here slows down the moves for you, as many do, but if that still isn’t slow enough, then take control yourself.

2) Break it down

The key to learning choreography is to break it down into sections and learn each part on its own. You can put it all together later on once you’ve mastered all the different elements. You can download the video into a media player and set it to loop specific sections to make it easier. Again, the example video here does chunk the dance for you but you can always take control if you want to break it down even more.

3) Say it out loud

If you have ever been to a dance class or watched footage of a dance class being taught, you will have noticed that the teacher will be using verbal prompts for the different elements of the choreography and the timing. And this is because being able to voice something is a really effective memory aid. You can achieve the same thing at home by voicing the different moves yourself as you are doing them.

4) Watch or record yourself

Yes, this is embarrassing, but you really need to be able to see yourself when you dance so that you can know whether you are executing the movements correctly. If you have a big enough floor-to-ceiling mirror you could use that or, if not, you could record yourself and play it back later. Even seasoned professional dancers need to be able to see what they are doing (hence the wall of mirrors that you see in dance studios) because we are never 100% sure that every part of our body is exactly where we are picturing it to be.

The bottom line

Dancing is fun and it does us so much good so get out there and give those online tutorials and demos a try. At worst, you’ll have some fun while you dance and, at best, you might just that you’re actually pretty good at it and decide to join a dance class and take it further (or at least show off your moves in public!).

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