Kizomba is an Angolan dance that involves a lot of hip movement and body control. It can be danced in a couple or danced alone but the core moves remain very similar. Check out our today’s video of Isabella showing her amazing abs and hips control for a great example!

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One of the considerations that a lot of people like to make before starting a dance class is what attire they need, and most importantly what shoes they should be wearing. When you watch a lot of kizomba performances you will see the ladies in high heeled Latin dance shoes. These are perfect for kizomba because they have a suede sole which gives the dancers lots of traction on the dance floor while also allowing them to glide, and they can really help to accentuate those hip movements.

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You might be wondering if you need to wear heels for every kizomba practice as well, and the answer is no. Some kizomba dance instructors even recommend learning the moves in your bare feet so that you can get a proper feel for your connection to the floor and your body, but dance sneakers work just fine.

Dance sneakers aren’t quite the same as regular sneakers, although they can often look quite similar. They tend to have a flexible midsole that allows you to point your foot, less grip than normal sneakers, and many have a turn point at the toe (often made of suede) to help you with spins.

Dance sneakers are comfortable enough for you to practice for hours without your feet hurting, so can be a great option if you are rehearsing for a performance. And, in the video of Isabella, you can definitely see that wearing sneakers isn’t holding her back in any way, shape, or form. If you’re looking for your own pair, check out our handy guide to the best dance sneakers that are available today.

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