This video is so much fun to watch! Marco and Sara are giants in the bachata world, along with their dance company Esencia. This video shows you bachata performed to absolute perfection. Not only is it shot beautifully, of course, but it also shows you just how good bachata dancing really can look.

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When the couples are all dancing in sync, you can see how beautiful bachata is when it’s timed perfectly, but there is also a chance at the end of the dance for the couples to freestyle. You can easily imagine yourself on the dance floor with your partner enjoying yourselves and just dancing to the music!

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You also get a chance to see Sara and the rest of the women demonstrating bachata lady style, which is definitely something you’re going to want to learn if you’re a woman who’s hoping to hit the dance floor with your friends, bachata style! What’s really great about this video, though, is that it also shows you bachata man style. This hasn’t become quite as popular as bachata lady style yet, so it’s brilliant to see it demonstrated by some real pros. And if you’re a man who’s hoping to hit the dance floor with your friends, you had better take some notes!

It is easy to see why Marco and Sara took the bachata world by storm. In 2012, they won the Spanish Bachata Championship twice, they won it 4 times in 2013, and then in 2014, they were runner ups with their dance company Esencia. Now, they teach dance in Madrid (and online), put on workshops and shows around the world at festivals, and even organise their own festival in Madrid – The Madrid Esencia Festival. And, as you can see from the video, they have plenty to teach the world about how to dance bachata!

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