For people just starting out on their dance journey, choosing which dance style to learn can be quite overwhelming because there are just so many out there! Remember that the first dance style you learn doesn’t have to be your last, so starting with a dance style that you can pick up quite easily can help you to learn all of the skills that you can draw upon later.

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Bachata is fun, romantic, and sensual. And, as you can see in this video of Ataca and La Alemana, it can look amazing once you get the hang of it! Bachata is quite easy to pick up because the basic step is relatively simple. It can be embellished later on, of course, and you can add in a wide range of impressive moves.

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The waltz is a slow and soft dance, which is quite suitable for beginners. It uses only four steps so you should be able to pick it up quite quickly. It is a popular dance for weddings and other events that can make you look very classy on the dancefloor.


The foxtrot is another four-step dance in a slow-slow-quick-quick formation and is a mix of walking steps and side-to-side. The foxtrot gives you an old-school Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers feel that will make you feel like Old Hollywood.


Swing dancing is very fun and social and the basic steps that you learn can easily be used to apply to other styles of dance. Lindy Hop is one of the most popular types of swing and has six basic steps.

Final thoughts

Learning a new dance can be fun and exciting. It can be a good idea to start with one that has basic steps that are easy to pick up. That way, you can get into the swing of dancing right from the beginning, which should make it much easier for you to catch the dancing bug!

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