Here are the one and only Pablo and Raquel, performing at the Paris Bachata Festival in 2018. This is a great video because it really gives you a feel for what it’s like to attend a bachata festival and see such an amazing performance close up by some real masters in the style. They dance sensual bachata which you can see straight away in this video with the way they move so dynamically.

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Pablo and Raquel were both successful in their own right before they met. Pablo Pérez started dancing bachata back in 2010 and won the Bachatart Spain Edition in 2012 and the Footwork World Championship in 2014. Meanwhile, He was trained by Jorge Escabara (Korke) and Judith Cordero, who are pioneers of sensual bachata.

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Meanwhile, Raquel de Castro has a background in a variety of dance styles, including contemporary, jazz, and urban before starting salsa and then bachata. She won the Spain Bachata Masters Teams two years in a row.

The pair met in 2014 and, since then, they have become a real powerhouse couple in the sensual bachata world. They qualified for the Bachata Masters in their very first year of dancing together and they cleaned up in many other bachata competitions, winning first place in the Bachatart Fusion Bachata Championship Spanish Edition in 2014, the International Fusion Bachata Championship in 2015, Bachata Stars Spain in 2016, and International Bachata Stars in 2016, to name but a few.

Together, they teach both traditional and sensual bachata from their base in Madrid. They also travel around Spain performing and instructing people in their own style that they call “smooth bachata”. Getting the chance to learn from such a successful couple is a real treat, as you can see from their performance at the Paris Bachata Festival. They really do bring their own signature style to sensual bachata!

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