This is a bachata demonstration by the one and only bachata couple Pablo and Raquel. Here they are demonstrating their bachata style at the 10th Sexy and Sensual Latin Dance Festival in London. These sorts of festivals are a great opportunity to see different styles of dance close up and they are brilliant for getting some inspiration and to really fuel your drive to improve your dancing.

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If you ever get the chance to attend a bachata congress or festival, you should definitely grab the opportunity with both hands! Raquel and Pablo are favourites at that festival since their dance style comes under sensual bachata. Sensual bachata was developed by Jorge Escalona (Korke) and Judith Cordero, who Pablo actually studied under.

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It uses the same basic step pattern as traditional bachata but it is characterised by the addition of whole-body and body isolation movements. It has become one of the most popular bachata styles danced today, and it allows for a huge amount of creativity and expression when you dance. It isn’t just about being sexy, it is also about interpretation the music in a dynamic way.

But Pablo and Raquel have taken sensual bachata and made it their own, developing their brand Smooth Bachata. They spend their time teaching traditional bachata, sensual bachata, and Smooth Bachata, performing at workshops and congresses, and sharing their own style of bachata around the world. They are also accomplished bachata competitors, most recently coming first place in the Bachatart Fusion Champions, but they have also come in first at the National Bachata Stars completion, in the improvisation category. They qualified for the International Bachata Championships in their first year of dancing together, which just goes to show what a meeting of minds their dancing really is. So sit back, relax, and let Pablo and Raquel show you how they do it!

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