While traditional Bachata focuses on the lower body and hip movements as the soul of the dance, Bachata Lady Style incorporates a lot of arm movements and upper body moves for total feminine self-expression. Today’s video features 11 ladies of the M-Style Dance Company in Japan dancing to Jennifer Lopez’s “El Anillo” (The Ring) in Bachata Ladies’ Style. Watch how each lady adds her own personality and flair to the Bachata Lady Style dance moves.

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Bachata Lady Style dancing is centered on dancing in a way that suits you and moving naturally to the dance music. You don’t need to copy others to dance it well. You just need to learn the essential moves from a good instructor and develop your own dance language along the way.

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Bachata Lady Style dancing is all about flowing with the rhythms and expressing your heart and soul through your own dance moves. Femininity is about intuition and flow, and Lady Style brings this about. You don’t need to try too hard and dance in ways that do not come naturally and authentically from the inside. Even the arm movements should come second-nature, as a way of your responding to the music and the dance rhythms.

When dancing Lady Style Bachata, the key is to become so comfortable with yourself and your body that you use as a paintbrush to express the canvass of who you authentically are. Many women struggle with this, and learning Bachata Lady Style helps them develop the courage and the elan to do this in their lives, even beyond the dance.

It is also important to observe these 3 important things:

  1. Know what looks good on you. Dance in front of a mirror to see what comes naturally for you that looks best on you.
  2. Mix things up. Incorporate moves from other dance styles to create fusion, like salsa and ballroom dance.
  3. Express who you are. Dare to be you, in all your imperfections and gifts. Shine in your own authentic glory!

Learn and own the movements. Be confident. Be precise with your moves. Make defined choices. In learning Bachata Lady Style dancing, focus on mastery in these key areas:

  1. Balance and posture
  2. Moving, shifting, and weight transfer
  3. Footwork and timing
  4. Body movement and isolation (moving one part of your body while you keep the rest of your body still)
  5. Communication and connection with your audience

By working through each of these areas, you will become more skilled. With growing dance skills, you will naturally grow more confident in expressing your unique personality and soul. When you dance like this, you are able to communicate and connect better with your audience since you’re telling your story that comes from an authentic place, to also touch the authentic places in them.

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