If you’re in a new relationship and the person you’re with is an avid dancer, you’ve probably sat back and thought about whether or not it would be a good idea to get stuck in and learn to dance yourself. Of course, in an ideal world, you would take to it like a duck to water and the two of you would end up looking like Ataca and La Alemana (check out this video to see just how good they are!) but it can obviously take time to get to the point where you can dance as well as your partner, especially if they have been dancing for a while.

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It means you can go to socials together

One of the most fun parts of learning to dance, and especially a dance like bachata, is how much fun can be had at socials. If you feel like going together could be a fun experience for the two of you as a couple and something you would enjoy doing regularly, then learning to dance could be a great idea. You don’t need to become a professional to be able to attend a social and most people are pretty welcoming to beginners.

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It keeps you both fit and healthy

If you already have a fitness routine that works for you, then you might not be considering dancing bachata as something that could add to it. But dancing is really good exercise. It is a mixture of both cardio and strength training and because it tends to be something that becomes part of your social life, and something that you end up taking home with you to practice, you might end up adding that bit extra to your routine that can really make a difference. And staying fit and healthy together can help you both stay happier and healthier, inside and out.

It adds to the romance

It’s important to note that it isn’t bachata itself that will add to your romance. A common worry for non-dancing partners is that their dancing partners gain romantic feelings for the people they dance with, but this isn’t the case. Dancing is putting on a show and those romantic-looking moves have been practiced over and over again. With that being said, if you are already in a romantic relationship, dancing together can definitely add to the romance. You get to see your partner in a slightly different light than you usually do, which can be exciting. Plus you are communicating and problem-solving together which can help you to feel a closer connection with each other.

The bottom line

If you are dead set against dancing, it is of course fine for you and your partner to have different hobbies and this can be really healthy for a lot of relationships. On the other hand, if you kind of like the idea of learning to dance with your partner and are on the fence about giving it a go, there are lots of reasons why you should just go ahead and do it. At the very least, the two of you will get to have some fun together and you might even find your own passion for dance hidden beneath the surface.

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